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Covid-19 Update

No in person services until further notice.
Virtual services will be available each Sunday.

Welcome Home!

If you've been away from the church for a while and you're looking for a place to renew your love for Jesus, welcome home!

If you're new to the area and seeking a new family of faith, welcome home!

If you've never known much about Jesus, but you know this life has to have more meaning than it does now, welcome home!

You have found the place that more and more people are calling their new spiritual home. Hope is the place where God's people connect with each other, connect with God, and together connect with the community to share God's love and forgiveness with everyone. Make Yourself at Home!

Hope Starts Here ~ With Christ, With You!

Hope Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod serving the Stanley Park -- Idlewood area of Kitchener, Ontario. Hope's brief history has been one of missions both at home and abroad for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hope celebrates a conservative tradition that is progressive and contemporary. If asked what is the most positive aspect of the congregation, the people of Hope would respond by saying the special relationship they share with Christ and one another. We invite you to share in our vision to love one another as Christ has loved us as we prepare the whole people of God for whole life ministry.

Our mission at Hope Lutheran is to prepare (that is, equip and challenge) the whole people of God (that is, all who proclaim Christ as Lord) for whole life ministry (that is, assisting people to grow to their fullest in Christ).

Wilderness Experience

Life is a continuous series of peaks and valleys, highs and lows, ups and downs. None of us can avoid the wilderness experience. more...

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